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Shyfoll Live2D
Commission Sheet

Things You Need To Know :

• By having a model from Shyfoll's Collaboration Artist, you will get 20% Total Price Cut For a Model & Rigging. Which is 10% for Model and 10% for Rigging.• By commissioning me, Shyfoll. It means you have agreed to my Terms of Services (ToS)• To find out the roughly price of your model, add the price from Model Size + Rig Type + Additional.

Model Size

Model SizePrice
Waist Up300$
Full Body400$

Rig Type

RigsAverage 220$Complex 400$Complex+ 800$
Head Left/Right
Head Up/Down
Head All Turns
Head Tilt
Eyes Blink
Eyes Small
Eyes Smile
Body Left/Right
Body Up/Down
Body Tilt
Hair PhysicsSimpleSimpleComplex
Hand Move
AccessoriesUp to 1Up to 2
Leg Move Left/Right


Accessories25$ - 80$ Each Extra Accessories
Facial Expression25$ - 80$ Each Expression
Body Pose30$ - 100$ Depends on Complexity
Animation Pose40$ - 100$
Extra Costume70$ - 200$
Extra Hair50$ - 100$

• Accessories such as Hat, Wings, Bag, Horns, Hand Fan, Tail Etc.• Facial Expression such as Blush, Cry, Angry, Etc.• Body Pose such as changing hand pose (Extra Hand).

Shyfoll Live2D Sample

Collaboration Artist

Things You Need To Know :

• By having a model from Shyfoll's Collaboration Artist, you will get 20% Total Price Cut For a Model & Rigging. Which is 10% for Model and 10% for Rigging.• The benefit applies after you (Client), Shyfoll, and the Artist that you choose have an agreement after a discussion of your model.• By commissioning me, Shyfoll. It means you have agreed to my Terms of Services (ToS)• I, Shyfoll, The Rigger still accept a Live2D model outside of my collaboration artist.

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Terms of Services

General Terms

• Please massage me with a nice manner. Should any ill behavior be exhibited, your request/commission will be cancelled.• I do Live2D for VTuber with the corresponding style: Anime, Mecha/Robot, Cartoonist, Anthro, Furry, NSFW.Live2D Illustration, Games, Other than VTuber use, will be discussed through DM.• If it’s a Secret Project and need a high privacy, please tell it beforehand!.• For a better result, the Client need to give me the access to have a communication with the artist in charge for a faster respond and precise instruction relating the model.• The price already include the commercial price.• I have the right to decline or postpone a commission if something happen in real life.

Collaboration Artist

• If your model comes from one of my collaboration artist, you can get a benefits of 20% price cut.• To get the benefit, you need to pay minimal half of the total cost for Model and Rigging.• The Artist and I, the rigger will cooperate to make your Live2D Character ready to use.


• To reserve a slot, Client need to discuss about the matter of request/commission with me.• After having an agreement, Client need to pay minimal 50% of the total price to enter the Order List.• I accept payment through Paypal ($ USD) or Local Bank (Indonesia).• I’ll send the Invoice by using Paypal Invoice Service to Client’s Email.• By using Paypal Invoice Service, additional price of 4,5% will be added to the total price.• The Client need to inform me if the invoice has been paid HALF or FULL so i can check to confirm it.• After i received and confirmed the payment, The Client’s name will be listed on the Order List.


I don’t draw the model. Client must provide me, The Rigger, with the Live2D Model Rig Ready.• The Live2D Model File must be in .PSD (Photoshop File).• After i have checked the Model File, if there’s still need further adjustment. I need to contact the artist in charge myself to give a pointers.• If i think the Live2D Model is ready, I’ll rig the model after it’s your turn on the Order List.• Each model will take 4 - 15 days to be finished once i started.• Additional request/adjustments in late stages of the commission will incur an additional fee.• When the Rigging finished, I’ll provide a Sample Video for the Client to judge.• If there’s a major revision, additional price will be charged depends on the mentioned part.• If there’s no revision or the revision has done. I’ll deliver the files through Client’s Email when the commission has been paid in full.• The Client need to test the files to check if it’s work as intended or not to avoid an unexpected technical problem.


Refund are only 50% and allowed if the commission has not been started. If it's already underway, then I will not issue a refund. Please make sure you are 100% sure before sending the commission request.If ever a Client requested a chargedback to me, your right to everything i have ever made for you will be retracted. You’ll forbidden to ever commission me, Shyfoll, ever again. Your name will be publicy posted everywhere i want to for others to watch out for. Any statement can be bound to change if discussed with me.

Usage Policy

I, Shyfoll, The Rigger have the right for the Sample Video. Therefore i’m allowed to use the copyrighted video to display or promote myself in any place and anywhere to my liking.• I, Shyfoll, The Rigger are probihited from using the model in public after the commission is finished.• Client are prohibited from using models that have been made for purposes that are detrimental to the Public, Artist and Rigger.• Client are probihited from sharing the main files (.cmo, .cmo3, and .can3) to the public.• Client are probihited from taking a credit for creation of the work.